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Looking at the future of indoor digital signage

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  • Release on:2019-04-03

Digital signage has been rapidly expanding its reach in nearly every market and area, especially indoors. Now, both large and small retailers are using digital signage in greater numbers to advertise, boost branding improve customer experience.  It found that two-thirds of retailers surveyed said that improved branding was the greatest benefit of digital signage, followed by improved customer service by 40 percent.

On a general level, the indoor digital signage space is seeing better displays to improve branding and better engagement tools to improve customer experience.

Better engagement tools
Simply having a brighter display isn't enough to deliver better indoors experiences. That is why digital signage vendors are offering more and more advanced analytics systems to gain key insights into customers, so they can better engage them.

Vendors are using proximity sensors and face recognition cameras to identify key information about a customer, such as whether they are looking at a product or display.

Modern algorithms are even able to detect parameters like age, sex and mood by analyzing the facial expressions on the camera footage. Additionally, touchscreens can measure touches on specific content and can assess the exact performance of advertising campaigns and the return on investment, the combination of face recognition and touch technology allows for measuring how many people react to which content and facilitates the creation of targeted campaigns and sustained optimization.

Digital signage is also delivering interactive omnichannel experiences to engage with customers. Customers can browse through the entire range of products and make a purchase independently or ask a sales assistant for help.

50 percent of retailers said that they found touchscreens very useful for digital signage.

These emerging interactive technologies all require one common element. The ability to create, analyze and react in a world that requires real-time-based solutions.

Where are we headed?
In the indoor space, digital signage is getting both bigger in terms of larger, grander displays with innovative software and smaller, as Mom and Pop stores deploy simpler displays in larger numbers.

Digital signage end users and vendors have been developing solutions that create engaged audiences. The next big step is when all the pieces fall into place, and we start seeing truly dynamic deployments flood into the market for both large and small companies.

Once the first wave of these full-system projects are complete, you can expect this practice to take off like a wildfire as owners see the additional value it provides.