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Manager Yan Sales Skills Training Meeting

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-29
Sales skills sharing has been a continuation of Kerchan's current model, due to the development of enterprises, there will be new salesman to join the enterprise, at the same time, the new and old employees because of the experience of different shades, just entering the company are not familiar with the product, knowledge, etc, all these reason maks new employees feel pressure.And new employee also eager to sell the sales force to prove themselves, this period is very important(open frame monitor manufacturer).
Business sharing will be a good solution to this problem, can bring a lot of new knowledge and skills to help business people spend a confused period, quickly familiar with the company's products and business.
Today's morning presided over by manager Yan, his theme is how to find suppliers,suppliers in the entire process is crucial to the company, high-quality products can not do without quality suppliers, is the source of the product, but also the protection of the entire corporate image.

So how exactly to choose a good quality and stable supplier? The first is the review of supplier (LCD Advertising Screen wholesales)qualification review supplier history and product development, a high-quality suppliers, must have strict raw material production standards, must have its own factories and meet market requirements of the equipment and technology, at the same time for enterprises the required product sampling inspection, review of raw materials, quality and so on process.
Quality control of the product from the source, it is also such a strict review of standards, strict supplier selection, only to ensure that the quality of Kerchan advertising product can be outstanding, in line with international standards!