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Motion sensor advertising display-High efficiency and energy saving advertising mode

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-15
Advertising is necessary for enterprise's external publicity, but the traditional subway,bus advertising,newspapers, magazines and television advertising requires huge investment, although it is put in a large range,the effect is often limited.Because the advertising doesn't put into the target market, so this traditional advertising way is more suitable for the well-funded enterprise which need to build a brand image. In the face of more and more small and medium-sized enterprises, when there is no huge amount of funds to do advertising, it is necessary to have more accurate market positioning and advertising. At this time, advertising display played a great role. Advertising display is widely used in the market segmentation of enterprises, and it has more accurate advertising effect. 

The motion sensor advertising display is the choice of high efficiency and energy saving in the market segmentation. The motion sensor advertising display also has a variety of sizes, the highlight is the motion sensor, in simple terms, that is when it detects people, advertising display start to  play advertising video automatically , it can attract the attention of consumers, when the detected there is nobody around, advertising display will turn off automatically, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy, that is really shooting two birds with one stone therefore can save electric energy, and more effective to advertising effect.             
Of course, the effect of advertising must also pay attention to the people, time and other factors, such as play the latest preferential packages during meal time, to achieve a more direct effect, on the contrary, play other advertising at lunch time may not be welcomed by consumer, it will reduce the effect.