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Multi-Median Advertising Screen Feature Introduction

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-15
There are some characteristics of multimedia advertising screen in the following:

1. Time domain: multimedia LCD advertising screen's ultimate goal is to get more advertising market share, because advertising screen can transcend time and space constraints of the situation to spread the information , so the media companies will have more time for advertising, and advertising screen could stand by every day 24 hours whenever and wherever possible.
2. Multimedia: multimedia LCD advertising screen can spread a variety of media information. Such as text, sound, images and other information, advertising makes it more vivid and more humane.
3.: Personalized multimedia LCD advertising screen promotion is not only a kind of one to one, rational, consumer led, non compulsory and gradual promotion, but also is a kind of low cost and human promotion, to avoid the interference of strong salesman selling, and establishing good relationships with consumers through information.
4. Growth: multimedia LCD advertising screen viewers are mostly young, middle class, high education level of the group, because of this group of strong purchasing power, and has a strong market influence, so multimedia advertising is a very promising market channels.
5. Advance: multimedia LCD advertising screen get rid of the previous unified advertising model, such as traditional flyers, newspapers and so on, and it also have environmental protection, energy saving, multi-directional provide multi type dissemination, easy to be accepted by the majority of the community.
6. High efficiency: multimedia LCD advertising machine can store a large amount of information, the quality and accuracy of the information can be transmitted much more than other media, and in response to market demand, timely update or adjust the information, timely and effective to meet customer needs.