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Multimedia digital signages for food plaza

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-10-16
Shopping malls, underground transportation hubs, and commercial areas usually have food squares, especially in cities with high population density and heavy traffic. According to a survey by a media institution and investigative agency which headquartered in California, people usually spend about 32 minutes on the food plazas. It is precisely because of the presence of advertisers' physical stores, boutiques, and self-service terminals that the food plaza occupies an almost absolute prime location.Today, consumers' demands are constantly changing, and they also want the transaction time to be as short as possible. So setting digital signages on the food court is the best positioning marketing strategy.     
There are several working modes of advertising in the food plaza, which means it can meet more consumers' diversified needs. As a best marketing position of advertising agency's, food advertisments has the ability to create dynamic video content and to implement the system resource installation. There are key operational points for the use of digital signages to effectively promote sales, both for restaurants and retail stores.                                      
The key factor for any success of outdoor network is that it goes beyond the strength of attraction of video Ads and the content relevance. The update of real-time and entertainment news can attract the viewer's attention. The standards of content editing are also important for consumers to get information. For example, you can broadcast menus, reviews, daily horoscopes, celebrity gossip, public service announcements, and information about discounts and promotions that are going on in some stores.