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Nanao Dong Xi Chong Crossing

In March, nice spring, grass grow and warbler fly.face the sea, with spring flowers blossoming. We have to go to the beach to breathe fresh air.
In order to enhance our team cohesion, increase the sense of team honor for everyone, and enhance everyone's sense of collaboration, organizational discipline,then to improve the team execution, enhance our work efficiency! Kerchan organized a limited physical challenge activities: Nanao Dong Xi Chong Crossing.

The crossing to Dong chong as a starting point, Xi Chong of the end. It is about 9 km for whole course. It's climbing along the beach of mountains climbing and rock climbing, very laborious.

Every team help each other, the strong staff helped the not so strong staff all the way. This enhance everyone's sense of assistance, organizational discipline. In the hard climbing process, we also harvest the beauty of the scenery, the scenery of  Dong Xi Chong is very beautiful.

After six hours of crossing,everyone are exhausted, but everyone is memorizing the trip.

When you face the task which can not be reached, do not be timid, brave to do, like this crossing. Although hard, but no one falled behind,everyone finished the whole crossing.
Kerchan is a strong company, the team of Kerchan is a tough team, no matter what difficulties encountered, we all can be tough and go on.