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Network business display sudden appearance change everyone's vision

In the digital information age, a large number of media forms have emerged. In the emergence of new media, the LCD network advertising machine has emerged suddenly, and received the favor of users at a low price and a good rate of return, becoming one of the first choices for outdoor advertising.

LCD advertising machine media as a kind of high-tech product, its dynamic images and vivid colors to attract consumers' attention, plus it broadcast time is generally is the target audience is idle bored of waiting time, so most of the audience will take the initiative to choose to watch, which to a certain extent, reduce the waste of advertising.

Data shows that in a building audience who has installed the LCD network advertising machine media, 80% of people will often pay attention to the contents played by this LCD TV media every time they wait for the elevator, and about half of them will watch it every day. The audiences who like this kind of liquid crystal television media advertisement think that the biggest reason why the audience attention of elevator advertisement can reach such a high level is that they think that they do not waste their time while receiving this kind of advertisement information and add some active atmosphere to the boring waiting time.

Liquid crystal network advertising machine application is rich and flexible, can cooperate with the needs of businesses to do marketing activities. And the LCD network advertising machine release environment is relatively simple, can make the audience to contact more advertising information, stimulate their desire to buy, to bring real benefits for businesses. Low input, high return, naturally also make the LCD network advertising machine in the emergence of new media attention.

With the increasingly developed domestic commercial and consumer environment, the demand for advertising is also growing, networked LCD advertising machine because of the leading technical advantages began in the hotel, supermarket, building and other high income areas in the advertising market is favored.

1. It is very convenient to maintain the advertising content: after the traditional advertising machine needs to copy the content with the computer first, the CF card will be replaced by the professional staff in the advertising machine network, which will cause a waste of human resources and low efficiency; Electronic online advertising machine, IP access via the Internet, by controlling the host in the office, will update directly next to the content of the ads, and can be deleted, sorting, set the rules of play, spot control and it control, and so on all can be finished in a few minutes, but also save a large amount of manpower costs.

2, advertising management becomes more flexible, more fast: the traditional LCD advertising machine needs to pre-arrange the program broadcast list, how to cast in the network, generally good arrangement, need a long time to implement, and a round of replacement is very inconvenient, need a lot of manpower; Online advertising machine can easily solve the problem, all network programming, replacement, call waiting, showing arrangement need only with software on the server management end control, it is ok to issue orders, so to speak, overnight can put an AD in the cities of the specified node, fast, the human cost is almost zero.

3, customer showing, replacement program, more simple, can provide a more humane, advertising control: for example, a customer can take turns to play within a week of different advertising content, is set to replace rise more convenient, so that customers get more spending on advertising to achieve good returns, has a greater potential to attract customers!