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New Arrival --- Audio Board for Speaker earphone manufacture POP display

  • Author:Katherine
  • Source:Kerchan
  • Release on:2018-12-13

We've been in the advertising screen digital signage display business for 12 years. In this 12 years we've had a lot of customers are audio series customers, their effect on sound quality requirement is very high, we in the United States in September in the process of visit customers, understand the customer demand for audio card, after the visit, we started in October, the design and development of audio interface card in after a month and a half time, four different design scheme of audio interface card designed at last.

1. Improves sound quality.

We put the audio processor in the design and processed music with fidelity

2. Multiple audio inputs can be connected.

Audio boards can connect to at least two audio outlets, and currently up to five audio inputs.

3.Support SD/TF Card & USB.

In addition to the link advertising screen, songs can also be stored on SD card or TF card, or on U disk. Then connect the audio board card to use, easy to replace music audition.

4. It can be used alone.

When you don't need the advertising screen, you can use the audio board card alone, because it has a separate power interface and can be connected to the LED strip.

5.Push button control(Customizable control procedures)

Push button is used to control and switch songs. At the same time, when used with advertisement machine, music of advertisement display and play can be switched and controlled separately.Push button functionality allows you to customize the program to switch any function you want