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One touch kiosks was more and more widely used

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-06
Touch screen originated in the 1970s, it was mostly installed in industrial computers, POS terminals and other industrial or commercial equipment in early stage. 
The current range of one touch kiosks have become more widespread, ranging from control / operation systems for industrial plant equipment, electronic inquiry facilities for public information queries, commercial ATMs, to consumer electronics mobile phones And etc so can see its shadow. 
Now the restaurant stores-keepers try every means to make customers impressed, in order to get more returned customers. For example, coupons are offered through consumption, but coupons on paper are not convenient to carried around with customers, but they are also easily lost, thereby reducing the degree of consumer experience and discouraging restaurants from grasping customers.

In the case of e-coupons, customers can print e-vouchers through the device at the restaurant, which is not only convenient to the consumer, but also improves the service of the restaurant.At the same time, one touch kiosks can be used to send the restaurant's hot dishes, restaurant profiles, recent promotions, gourmet videos, and even some preferential information, weather forecasts, etc., so that customers feel more caring and humane.
One touch kiosks have both the advantages of advertising and living convenience, it not only the trend of the times, but also the development of market economy, the trend of mature multimedia. It is believed that with the market to further expand the area of application, one touch kiosks will become the backbone of the diversification of media advertising.