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Product exhibition hall -- a big collection of products created by Kerchan

  • Author:kerchan
  • Source:K
  • Release on:2017-11-03
Kerchan(LCD Advertising Screen wholesales) is a company with more than 10 years of development and accumulation of enterprises, in addition to a strong cultural  and working atmosphere , also has a continuous innovation and the accumulation of technology, now the product is constantly enriched and improved, the increasing samples in exhibition hall  is the best description, expanded the scope of business is also proved the growth of enterprises and products of high quality and rich. 

The exhibition hall is located in the central position of the company, which is Kerchan's company environmental design from the company entered into a sightseeing corridor, everywhere is not the same scenery, and the collection of the exhibition hall is also the product, it is the best proof of the company's development process.

 On the left of the exhibition hall is a small size advertising machine, and the products all over the wall are still spectacular when opening the commercials. The exhibition hall on the right main landing advertising machine of large size, you can see the screen is very large, which is mainly used in large shopping malls and other public places, so the big screen and high-definition requirements are relatively high, the middle position is the liquid feeder advertising machine, this is a very promising product with the function of advertisement propaganda machine, and to use automatic liquid dispenser, can let consumers watch ads in the disinfection solution at the same time. I believe that in the future, Kerchan will continue to have more new products to join, there will be customers and consumers around the world to see our products and services, Kerchan will create a win-win situation with you!