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Restaurant Digital Signage with Double-side Screen

7 inch Restaurant Digital Signage with Double-side Screen is for display  advertising content on table. It’s customized one, designed by kerchan.

Double Screens get more focus

The two screens is back to back. Customers in restaurant are face to face sit beside the table, All can focus on the signage. Wide visual angle makes all the audience can watch the screen clearly no matter where you are beside the table.

Chargeable also a charger
This restaurant digital signage is battery powered, It’s chargeable. Keeping the two screens uninterrupted play more than 24hours after full charge.Beyond that, It has two USB port on left and right side, can be charge for two phones at the same time.

Motion activate more power saving
Power on/off automatically with or without detecting the moving body, That’s mean it will be standby once nobody beside, Also auto power on and auto play the content when somebody come in your restaurant beside the table.Only one screen power when just a side detect moving body. Power consumption will be zero when the restaurant digital signage standby. So, it will more time continue after full charge, in general one week.

Easy update content
Built-in 2G to 16G memory optional.Copy your content into a USB disk, Insert the disk into the digital signage and starting up the. It will auto copy all the content to the built-in memory, And the old content will be auto delete. One copy update all.