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Retail industry of advertising Screen

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  • Source:Kerchan
  • Release on:2018-12-28
Advertising machine is a new era of all walks of life publicity, guidance for publicity purposes. Advertising machine grabs people's attention is more and more advocate advertising, education, information dissemination of a practical product. Many users in the purchase of LCD advertising machine before the advertising machine is not very understanding, blindly follow the market trend for the purchase, so not only increased the cost of purchase but also in the construction of the system will increase the workload, the final effort. If in advance of the purchase of LCD advertising machine to understand, and clear their demand goals, not only can save money, but also reduce the workload. So in order to make everyone in the future when building LCD advertising machine more smooth, efficiency optimization, especially for you to organize the deployment of LCD advertising machine is easy to appear ten mistakes.

First, the LCD advertising institutions to build as IT projects
Liquid crystal advertising machine system, the word sounds related to the IT class, and IT also involves a lot of IT technology, but to build a liquid crystal advertising machine system as IT class project is wrong.

Second, there is no clear goal before the build
Many enterprises through the market to understand that through the LCD advertising machine can get more customers, improve performance, but really know what the purpose of building LCD advertising machine is very few businesses. Businesses want to use the LCD advertising machine to accomplish what things, to achieve what goals, these are very key issues, if there is no clear goal in advance, so in the deployment of LCD advertising machine process is very difficult to succeed.
The best way is to spend time in advance of the LCD advertising machine results have a forecast, record the content of the forecast, and then ask for the opinions of the superior departments, this can be more clear direction of construction. The application of advertising machine, if the goal is not clear, will increase unnecessary expenditure.

Third, no one manages the project or too many project managers
The construction of LCD advertising machine is a complex matter, so it must send special personnel to manage the project so that some potential problems can be solved. At the same time, the project management personnel should not be too many, or there will be great differences of opinion, leading to more and more problems, and the final project will be delayed and unable to be completed.

Fourth, the content of the program is empty and unappealing
After buying LCD advertisement machine, will begin to prepare content, the advertisement machine that does not have content is the same as the newspaper that does not have a publication, give a person empty feeling. Generally can use the company's propaganda video, promotional information, the design of advertising, pictures and so on for display. At the same time, RSS network seeds can be used, which has a rich resource base, can provide * news, weather, real-time update of the LCD advertising machine program content, attract the audience's attention, let the audience linger on.

Fifth, content remains the same
For the LCD advertising machine, the importance of the content is conceivable, the new content for the LCD advertising machine display effect is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to find a competent and qualified person to create advertising content, instead of simply playing news on RSS feeds and booking news through wireless network. After all, this kind of news is irrelevant to the enterprise and cannot * promote the product of the enterprise.

Sixth, install LCD advertisement machine at will in any place
Installation of LCD advertising machine must be aimed at the characteristics of the product, the audience group to arrange the installation site, do not install anywhere, otherwise not only cannot achieve the goal of end but also bring negative impact to the enterprise.

Seventh, it's too economical
In the process that installs liquid crystal advertisement machine, the consciousness that maintains a budget is not wrong, but too penny wise and carefully calculated also is undesirable, especially when choosing a product, cannot because the price is too high, abandon suit oneself, can bring about cost expenditure more instead so, still do not come due effect.
LCD advertising machine is used to convey information, just because cheap money spent on cheap products manufacturers, this practice does more harm than good, not only wasted the capital of the enterprise but also lost a lot of profit opportunities.

Eighth, let an installer play all the roles
Installation of LCD advertising machine is a big project, if only one person to contract all the things, this is a great mistake. Finding an installer who can bring different resources together and manage them as a general contractor saves the company time and costs.

Ninth, can not spare time to learn the relevant content of the advertising machine system
The construction of the content of the liquid crystal advertising machine must be sent personnel have some skills to achieve, so the staff must learn how to use the liquid crystal advertising machine, and understand the usual use process is easy to appear small problems and maintenance methods, so as to make the advertising machine better for the enterprise service.

Tenth, the initial purchase did not consider future functional expansion
Before the liquid crystal advertisement machine of choose and buy, did not consider the function extension of later period and the upgrade update of software, such will increase expenditure in later use, cause waste.