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Sales manager--Janice's share meeting in the morning

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-08
In the development stage of the enterprise, products and brands, sales and service are very important. Kerchan(android tablet supplier china) creates great emphasis on business training. The most basic is product knowledge, followed by sales skills and communication skills with customers. Business The growth of enterprises to promote the growth of business sales also have a direct impact on corporate profits.
Early morning sessions are also a form of learning, especially the sharing of experienced and well-performing employees. Their sharing is not only from successful experience but also from the lessons of failure experience. It enables new employees to make detours and more Can quickly make the performance you want.

Today's morning session host is Janice, the head of the business development(open frame monitor manufacturer). It not only pays close attention to performance goals and plans, but also pays close attention to the work of every new and old employee And the state, when there are problems will be selfless help everyone solve the problem. As one of Kerchan's creators, nature has the deepest feelings toward the enterprise. With Kerchan's development up to now, it has also passed more than 10 years. As the top management of an enterprise, performance is naturally its own important capacity , She is the only one who has won the honor of 5 million Sales. What she shared with us today is more details about communicating with customers, how to impress clients in details, letting customers know that we are thinking of customers and of course help customers to solve Demand is also very important, a fast and efficient solution can directly lead to transactions, products and services will always be the core of trade, we all agree.
Of course, sharing experience may be more personal, not necessarily for everyone, the most important is that salesmen can make improvements based on their actual situation, more suitable for their own way to face customers, hone their skills , To achieve their own sales goals, but also for their own business revenue(android tablet supplier ).