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September Birthday party - Love and Grow in Kerchan

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-09-19
Kerchan(android tablet supplier china) is a very loving family, where every employee can feel the warmth and care like at home, which is also the embodiment of corporate culture of Kerchan - the army, the school, the family. 
The theme of today's morning meeting is the birthday party, it is self-evident, mainly for the family of Crete in September's birthday, opening is to guess who will have the birthday , and then use a some funny games To determine the winning or losing from various groups, and ultimately please the birthday of the protagonist at the same time, but also by the team lost for their joy and blessings. 

September has four family birthday, there are years old employees in the company, but also have just joined the company less than a month of new people. We are very moved, several longevity published his own comments, but also expressed the company and your family's thanks, the last wish, blow out the candle, the dream will come true. 
It is a great pleasure to have a  activities and early meetings in the family of Kerchan(digital signage wholesales china), so that everyone can enjoy the growth and experience by happily entertaining, and it is very important to believe that in the future work Among them, Everyone in Kerchan can created their own talents, for the development of enterprises building blocks.