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Sharing and progress--kerchan's morning meeting

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-20
kerchan(android tablet supplier china) think team training is very important, in addition to the necessary training, the sharing of experience of colleagues is also important, practical solutions to problems encountered in the solution and successful experience, often more directly produce results.         
Today's morning meeting is held by May, a beauty and a beautiful woman, she is also a senior veteran of the company, the company, products, etc. are also very familiar with, but also have to rely on their own relationship to establish A group of old customers, took many sales champion, is the company's backbone sales. Today's morning meeting is more about sharing her experiences, developing new clients, maintaining old customers, etc. There are many ways in which new customers can be developed, from different social platforms and channels New customers, but the old customers are rather special, is already with the company's business(open frame monitor manufacturer) customers, it is very important, how to maintain and form a long-term relationship of cooperation, personal sales, long-term profit for the enterprise is very crucial of. Here she also shared their own ways to maintain the old customers, get a new customer may be easy, but the loss of an old customer is very sad.
In the end, in fact, more still need to sales staff in their daily work and life, find a way for their own, and constantly develop new customers and maintain good old customers(digital signage wholesales china), in order to form a long-term source of performance and mutual win-win.