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Speech Quotes in APEC(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) by Xi Jingping

  • Author:Katherine
  • Source:China Daily
  • Release on :2018-11-20
Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (Asia - Pacific Economic currency, abbreviation APEC), referred to as "Asia-pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), is an important Economic Cooperation BBS, the Asia-pacific region is the highest level of inter-governmental Economic Cooperation mechanism in the Asia-pacific region.

On November 17, President Xi Jinping attended in port moresby, Papua New Guinea "the Pacific explorer," APEC CEO summit held on the cruise, and keynote speech.

His speech tells us, only insist on foreign trade between countries and between countries to progress, continuously strong. Nothing can prevent us from development, can not stop the progress of China.

Our rules and plans will continue according to the change of time and target for change and adjustment, only for the sake of the people to improve the people's progress, to social progress and national prosperity