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The Advantage of Lift&Play Video player

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-22
Lift&Play Video player is a kind of energy-saving and hight efficient advertising solutions.Kerchan is a high-tech enterprise in advertising player field, with more than 10 years of experience. Lift&Play Video player is also a response to the call of energy saving and environmental protection product, it also protect the advertising communication effect, now it gains hihgt popularity amoong the global  customers.                                 
 The scope of Lift&Play Video player is very wide, mainly put in the catering restaurant.which can send the specials meal, recommended dishes, dishes discount service features and so on; in cultural sites: Theater, science and Technology Museum,library, exhibition hall, theater,which can send the library introduction;in health: hospitals, rehabilitation centers,clinics,which can send the local medical care, work guidelines, doctors and other experts information; in automotive industry: 4S stores, service stations, car city, accessories sales, which can send local introduction, service characteristics, discount goods etc.                              
The biggest characteristic of Lift&Play Video player is attractive and low energy consumption: firstly from the attraction, when the device detects no one passes, it will automatically standby or shutdown, thus save more energy, decrease consumption; when someone passes by, or when someone seated in the restaurant,Lift&Play Video player will automatically light up and start playing information. It cana not only attract the user's attention quickly in the certain extent, also can make advertising communication more efficient and direct,in the meantime allowing users to quickly understand the product information and preferences, and thus enhance the rate of sales.