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The advantage of Lift&Play Auto Video Switching System

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-07
With the development of science and technology,The application of various types of advertising player has become richer, as an indispensable way of publicity in modern society. All kinds of advertising player play its important role in the application of interactive to the enterprise market segments. It is more interactive, more intelligent, more user-friendly experience, more energy-efficient, higher level etc. Advertising player has become an important indicator for enterprise choice.                                     
Lift&Play Auto Video Player came into being, different from the traditional advertising video player, it is more intelligent and interactive, thus the advertising is more interesting,more interactive,and the user experience is better, Customer also can accept advertising easier.     
 For example, Lift&Play Auto Video Player can automatically shut down when no people pass by, thus saving power. They can automatically illuminate when people pass by. thus directly attract consumers' attention. At the same time, through multiple induction module control,it could play different video by different sensor. For example, in the retail stores, when the user picks up a watch, the screen will automatically play ads of the watch, and introduces the function of products, technology and so on, then consumers can intuitively understand and accept the products, to achieve the best advertising effect.                
Of course, the application of Lift&Play Auto Video Player are very extensive. In a restaurant, when the guests are seated, the latest dishes, preferences and so on can be displayed, which can promote the most direct transaction.