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The advantage of android tablets

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-10-24
1. The cost-effective of android tablets.
Compared with the traditional system of commercial use tablets, android system which have free open source firstly saves copyright fees. Second, android system is based on Linux kernel, but is different from it, cause it does a lot of work in it.  The android system of smartphones have the features of high efficiency and low energy. Besides, android's good support for WIFI/ 3G, multi-touch mode, and a lot of free android apps in the market make its cost become lower.            
 2. Stability and security of android system.                                              
Andriod digital signages are the combination of linux and hardware multimedia decoding innovative products. Focused on the efficient multimedia hardware decoding android system of network, intelligent and so on. Compared to windows, Android can be optimized as simple as possible, can focus on the realization of the function of the advertising machine, which not only improves the efficiency, but also makes the system instability caused by the factors to a minimum.                        
3.The height of Android Tablets can be customized.
Compared to traditional LCD advertising, Android system advertising machine can be optimized to as simple as possible, can focus on the realization of the function of the advertising machine, which not only improve the efficiency, but also make the system instability caused by the minimum factor. Android is more emphasis on user vision and operation experience, more suitable for advertising that emphasizes the effect of multimedia display, eye-catching application development, and because most of the android programs based on java development, compared with windows program development, reducing the development of difficult, Time to market.