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The basic function of outdoor digital sigange

  • Author:Kerchan
  • Release on:2017-10-13
Outdoor digital signage is used for advertising or street guidance. It is not the common consumer products, It is a product that has a very strong visual impact,  we usually introduce the interior of the LCD  digital signage, it looks very nice, but that is only limited to indoor, and outdoor dogital signage, it can work even it is raining.

The basic functions of  outdoor digital signage are:
1. Network functions: network automatic connection, program data upload/download, real-time information acquisition;
2. File management function: file system, file management, file copy/delete, etc.
3. Program play function: program layout analysis, playlist analysis, video output, etc. :
4. Logging function: play log record, system log record, abnormal alarm record, etc.
5. Local download play: receive media content through the network and store it in local circulation;
6. Split screen and vertical screen playback function: support free split-screen, rotation, zoom, panning, background music and other playback functions;
7. Automatic switching machine: set the stage time, and support the control of the playback at different times of the week.
8. Flow subtitle: support multi-window subtitle display, text can scroll in multiple directions;
9. The broadcast function: support the display of emergency subtitles or images;
10. File preview: all uploaded files can be previewed online to ensure the accuracy of the content;