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The difference between outdoor advertising machine and indoor advertising machine

  • Author:Katherine
  • Source:Kerchan
  • Release on:2019-05-23
Advertising machine in a specific area and a specific time to provide specific groups of people with advertising rotation, information dissemination, and information dissemination efficiency, low cost, wide audience. There are many types of advertising machine, but from the most basic position to the division, can be divided into indoor advertising machine and outdoor advertising machine. As the name suggests, indoor advertising machine is mainly used in the mall, supermarket, subway platform signs and other relatively stable environment, and outdoor advertising machine is used in the changing environment, the sun and rain, sand and dust of the outdoor environment

I. different usage scenarios. Indoor advertising machine is mainly used in the supermarket, cinema, subway and other indoor environment, outdoor advertising machine is used in the environment is changing, there is direct sun outdoor environment.

Ii. Different technical requirements. Indoor advertising machine is mainly used in the relatively stable indoor environment, the function of outdoor advertising machine is not so strong, brightness is only in the normal 3-400, do not need to do special protection processing. Outdoor advertising machine is required to meet the following characteristics: first, waterproof, dust, theft, lightning, corrosion, biological protection; Second, the brightness should be high enough, generally to 1500-3000 brightness, in the sun can see clearly; Third, it can operate normally in harsh environment (such as high temperature, low temperature, high wind, etc.); Four is the outdoor LCD advertising machine power larger, need a stable power supply. So there is a big difference between the structural design and the machine assembly.

Iii. Different costs and expenses. Indoor advertising machine because the use of a stable environment, do not need special requirements, so the cost is relatively low. And outdoor advertising machine requirements can also work in bad conditions, so in the protection level and requirements on the high, the cost will be very high, even several times the price of the same size of indoor advertising machine.

Iv. Different frequency of use. Indoor advertising machine mainly used in the indoor, with the business off work will also stop working, applicable to a short time and frequency is not high. And outdoor advertising machine needs to be able to achieve 24/7 uninterrupted operation.

It can be seen that, if the need for advertising in the elevator, shops, exhibition halls, meeting rooms and other indoor places to convey information to customers, you can choose the indoor advertising machine; Outdoor advertising machines can be selected if they are expected to be seen by people in public places such as bus stops or community squares.