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The morning meeting hold by Janice, the director of sales in Kerchan

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2018-01-02
There are one thousand Hamlett in the eyes of one thousand individuals . Sharing is to share the different cognition, different experiences, different opinions. A person's opinion and knowledge is limited, while three people and thirty people sharing and combining will make the final answer more perfect.   

Today's theme is study, Janice share her learning experience in Renmin University of China, she also put forward her question to let us discuss, such as why to learn, learning result, what is the marketing and so on. We divided into three groups to discuss,each gruops's representatives speak out their opinion, to share the result of the discussion. Finally Janice will summarize their answer and share with us her idea. Each group has a fierce discussion, but you could find that, actually three sets of answers is the ultimate perfect answer.Each person, each group(android tablet supplier china) can get from some angle , and of course, the answer is not fixed, it is important for everyone to see and think  of the problem and perspective.   
Learning is a matter of persistence and screening. We should consciously and selectively learn, learn what is helpful to us, and develop things in the future. We should learn actively instead of being forced to accept. Learning is a long process, not a day can be completed, learning is a cumulative amount of qualitative change accumulated(LCD Advertising Screen wholesales).       
 Kerchan has many outstanding teams, active learning and sharing, which is why Kerchan(open frame monitor manufacturer) can go ahead in the advertising industry in a short period of ten years. For each salesman, only solid learning and mastering of all product knowledge, can provide better service to global customers.