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The motion sensor advertising player to make the advertisement more efficient

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-25
General enterprises are paying more attention to advertising,ill buy their own advertising advertising increased in stores and other places,in addition to direct TV, subway, bus and other media advertising.But whether the traditional media advertising or now the advertising machine, consumption is indispensable, but the real effect of enterprise profit and get but can not get a reasonable assessment, so how to do effective advertising not only saves more expenses?
The good choice is that configuring the motion sensor with advertising player.                       
A motion sensor is a device built in the advertising machine that can detect the surrounding mobile. In simple terms, such as retail stores to install advertising machine configuration motion sensor, when the guests have passed, advertising machine will automatically play video and offers built-in playback, when no one passes, advertising machine will automatically turn off to avoid power consumption. This point in some specific the industry, it is particularly important.                                                                                         
For example, in a restaurant chain, because the customer's presence is a time period  .Basically, they are all in a specific meal time, so the advertising machine equipped with motion sensors plays a role here. When people flow larger, advertising screen have been turning on advertisements, but when people flow thinly or even without people, they will turn off the power automatically.                                                                             
Kerchan's production rack advertising machine is designed for restaurant chains, retail chains and so on. Motion sensors can also help shops save money, intelligent advertising, and get more efficient returns.