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The reason why digital signage is so popular to enterprises

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-09-25
Digital signage has high-definition picture quality, delicate picture, vivid display as a new advertising industry So many consumers and many businesses love it. Digital signage's developmental potential is also much higher than the traditional television, newspapers and magazine media,and it known as the "fifth media".

1, Visual impact strong
Information transmission is very fast to advertising in public places. If we set up the digital signage in prime locations to promote products, it is the best way to establish corporate image,And  it can increase the corporate exposure rate , it is direct, simple enough for The world's major advertisers, it even become a landmark of the city.
2, It release for a long time
Outdoor digital signage running 24 hours a day, it is a persistent, all-weather media, this feature makes it easier to see for the audience . Network media also has a similar advantage, but it stay in the virtual world, the audience needs a series of prerequisites to close, while the outdoor media is more convenient because the physical space is unique, this advantage make it better than network media.
3, the information capacity
Digital signage can made programs by ourself, it can real-time broadcast,And it is rich in content. While playing content is not limited to advertising, but also can have programs. Including special topics, columns, variety, animation, radio drama, TV series,it is helpful to advertising in program gap .
4, low cost
Outdoor digital signage is the most value for money of the mass media, its prices are different, but its cost is the lowest than newspapers, magazines, radio stations, etc. because the outdoor digital sigange only need one-time investment , The cost is relatively low.