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The use of advertising machine in the cinema

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-28
In today's society, cinema is no longer just a way of entertainment to see moive, but also a place for people to communicate with people.Due to the flow of people is relatively large and the time is relatively concentrated, so the use of advertising machine is essential.   
The advertisement machine uses its advanced multimedia technology, realizes the text, the picture, the animation mixes together,they show the latest and hottest movie promo to consumers in all directions.Different from the traditional advertising, compared with television advertising, it is cheap, audience clear.Compared to newspaper flyers, advertising machines show more comprehensive and flexible forms, and the most important point is green, intuitive and effective.     
 In the use of advertising machine in the cinema, is mainly to promote the film information, such as: in addition to show the producer, starring, release time and other information, you can also play movie clips information to attract consumers, direct and effective promotion of film publicity.                                              
With the popularity of advertising machine and the development of network streaming media technology, some people associate the advertising machine with paper media, radio, television and Internet, which is called "fifth media"               
It has the function of releasing information  to a specific population at a specific time, a specific location, and play a more direct and direct publicity role.                      
  It can be said directly that the information of the top four media is more extensive, while the advertising machine is advertising for a specific audience, although the scope is not large, but the effect is more intuitive.