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Vertical advertising machine in retail industry

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-09-13
Vertical advertisement machine have a strong adaptability about the complexity of the application environment in public places.For exmaple vertical LCD advertising machines are mostly made of solid aluminum alloy and tempered glass as shell.Due to the design of integrated design, effective dust prevention, artificial scratch and so on, ensure the safety and stability of the product in a densely populated environment.
Meanwhile,because the user groups are scattered and the application scope is wide in retail industry,it result personalized application of the market features are very prominent. The flexibility of vertical advertising machines is highly consistent with the application requirements.So this is also one of the most important reasons for its popularity among retail users.

Compared with the fixed position of the wall hanging product, the vertical advertisement machine can mostly drag and go, the installation is more optional and flexible  can better satisfy the personal application demand of the retail industry users.Moreover, based on the flexibility of this premise and in the rapid rise of interactive tide, vertical advertising machine successfully created a "ground gas" interaction, greatly enhancing the use of cost-effective.
In practical application, the vertical placement advertising machine is not only flexible and adjustable height, but alsothe industry users can adjust according to the application requirements to provide the convenience of customers to maximize the operation, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of the application.In the mall applications, vertical advertising machine can better integrate into the interactive link, including product self inquiry and promotion information acquisition, and even more targeted coupon printing.