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Ways to extend the usage life for advertising machine

  • Author:Kerchan
  • Release on:2017-08-21
Ways to extend the usage life for advertising machine

1, Pay attention to the voltage limitation.
Like other electronic equipmentIns,  there is a rated power supply in the process of using the advertisement player. If the voltage is unstable or exceeds the rated range of the power supply, it may cause the chip to burn down and stop working. So it is better to suggest no share the power supply with the power equipment.
2, Do not unplug power supply frequency.
Don't be lazy to shut down the machine by simply pulling out power .Due to of the advertising player is  in the course of the  operation either chip or  hard diskoperation and reading the information, if unplug the power to shut down by force immediately it will lead to the  irreparable damage to the hardware. If the advertising machine is forced shut down by the uncontrolled factor like no electricity , it is preferred to wait 5 minutes the above restart .
3, Be careful for water, moisture and high temperature.
It is a must to pay attention to water, moisture when the outdoor advertising machine countering rain or damp. It will lead to rust or oxidation then affect the circuit. Indoor advertising  machine should be paid special attention to adjust the indoor temperature. It suggests to  set aside over 10cm for heat dissipation space around the advertising machine.Do not place the player in a sealed space, and cover the  equipment and stuffy the air flowing. In this case, it can prevent the work equipment chassis temperature is too high and damage the player.

4, Cleaning regularly.
It is no need to say the importance to clean the outdoor advertising machine . While  for indoor advertising player,  there is  inevitably for dust and grease falling nto the machine. So it also require regular cleaning and maintenance. Before cleaning, you  must shut down and unplug the power supply. When cleaning the dirt on the surface, you should use soft fabric and a little water to wipe it. Do not use a damp cloth containing too much moisture to avoid moisture entering the screen and cause short circuit. At the same time, Avoid  to use corrosive cleaning agents or chemical reagents, so as not to corrode the surface of the paint or plating.