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Weekend double - day tour - heyuan trip

  • Author:Katherine
  • Source:Kerchan News
  • Release on:2018-11-06
Weekend double - day tour - heyuan trip
It may have been a long winter due to the geographical environment, but the weather in shenzhen is still very hot. However, it seems to have cooled down recently. The company took the opportunity to organize a small trip for two days and one night.
On the way to travel, there was a song competition on each team, and a variety of word guessing games. Although the journey to the destination was far away, there were happy songs and laughter on the way, feeling that time passed quickly.

Enjoy the world of ice and snow themed by dinosaurs. This is a dream world of snow and ice carved. Smooth lines, vivid images, children's interest, the full display of the perfect theme park elegant! Inside, snowball fights, skiing, as if in the south to find the feeling of winter.
Enjoy the wonderful rivers and mountains of the motherland, in the black forest park of various climbing obstacles, challenge the physical limit. The traditional Chinese medicine hot spring is located in Bavaria. The traditional Chinese medicine hot spring takes the traditional Chinese medicine as the prescription and the hot spring as the agent to form the formula of traditional Chinese medicine hot spring. Spring at 60 ℃ to 70 ℃ temperature of everlasting like divine nectar flow, rich in beneficial to human body metasilicic acid, lithium, zinc, manganese, radon and other 58 kinds of mineral elements, accomplished the Bavarian its hot springs, the source of the world's rare health care keeping in good health. Sweat room, dry room, ice room, salt room, Chinese medicine room, hot bed, etc.

After seeing the first fountain in Asia, I went to the yurakou scenic area, where the mountains were piled up on three sides and the mountains were high and graceful. The unique natural scenery of primitive mountains and rivers with unique natural scenery of trees, rocks, furrows and water shows is praised as "little nine villages in guangdong", and is the model of original ecological tourism in heyuan. There is also nongfu spring base, an hour visit, dozens of drinks in the factory. The east wangreen lake production base covers an area of about 260,000 square meters, of which the planned green area accounts for more than 40% of the whole plant area. It is a garden type factory with a clean and beautiful environment. Factory into tourism elements in architectural design, modern automatic high-tech equipment, is the core of the industrial tourism projects, by the plastic PET particles into the injection molding, blow the bottle, filling the whole process of completion of the finished product packaging, storage, let visitors feel the nongfu spring advanced production technology, reasonable management methods and characteristics of business philosophy.