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Welcome to Kerchan - Fresh man welcoming ceremony

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on :2017-10-20
Welcome to Kerchan! Kerchan(LCD Advertising Screen wholesales) is a high-speed developing company, also it is a large group of talented people. With the development of company, we need more and more talent to join in, and every month will hold a party for fresh, a new welcoming ceremony, which is a fast familiar with and adapt to the company.                            

First , all the fresh need to do self-introduction, so that we know and remember these new people, and then carry out the ceremony of kerchan(android tablet supplier china), that is, embrace, we like family, is a big family. The new people will shake hands with each family, greetings, hugs, such a ceremony can not only let each other remember each person, but also closer to everyone's distance, this is the family culture, since joined the kerchan, that is this a member of the family.        

I believe that new people can quickly enter their role, for the development of enterprises contribute their own strength. Of course, Kerchan(digital signage wholesales china) is a high-speed development which also need more high-quality talent to join, if you are happy to challenge, eager to achieve self, welcome to join kerchan create!