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What are Features of LCD Screen

With the development of society and economy, our life have changed. More and more products confirming the time are widely used like LCD screen ,because of its low price , high arrival rate and etc. Undeniably, it is gradually known by consumers. Now let's talk about features of LCD screen that everyone likes:

Network version of LCD advertising player can design and spread multiple media information such as text, voice, image and other information through network. They make boring advertisement more vivid and humane.

LCD screen players are based on high-technology as media company, we must have some technical support , change  traditional ideas and promote media company and customer needs in sales promotion. It is necessary to integrate LCD advertising machine operation, computer technology, video editing, image processing and other complex talents in order to have a competitive advantage in the future market.

LCD ad machine has a different feature with other products, that is, it can be personalized settings. Factory can configure special software, or specializing in the development of new software according to the different needs of customers and the application of place .

They shake off the previous model of advertising, such as traditional  flyers, newspapers and so on. As LCD advertising player have many advantages such as environmental protection, energy saving, multi-directional and multi species communication, it is accepted by a wide range of customers.

5.High efficiency
There are less restrictions on time and space. LCD screen machines can store large amounts of information, which can send information much better in quality and accuracy than other media. As long as the operation of the LCD advertising machine is skilled, you can update the information in time and display  all kinds of ads you like.

Its cost is relatively low compared to other media. They not only replace flyers, newspapers, TV commercials but also CF card, SD card can store a plurality of video. You are free to play your advertisement.