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What’s the Different between the Standalone Digital Signage and Online Digital Signage?

In this global information age, there are many ad players in the places like building, road side, the bus station, metro even more places.  The ad player, a kind of terminal machine which was used to display various of ads (character, image, video).
With the different functions, digital signage can be divided into standalone digital signage and the online digital signage.  Below is the technician of Kerchan(video screen supplier china) to introduce the differences of the standalone digital signage and the online digital signage.

  1. Different storage.
  Standalone digital signage storage data with USB disk, also can expand into hard disk.  Online digital signage normally storage the data with SD card, like standalone digital signage, it can expand into hard disk also.

  2. Different safety model.
  Standalone copy the encrypted file before display, online digital signage must have the user name and the password to enter the background to update the ad data.

  3. Different program update mode.
  Standalone update the program with CF, USD disk or SD card, it need manual to change the new program card when renewal ads.  Import the ads to CF\SD card on the computer, and then display the ads from digital signage terminal.  Online digital signage mainly has network function remote control by pc terminal to achieve the goal of controlling the display.  Online digital signage can control manage the equipment and adjust the condition of terminal, even can remote control the online inter-cut ads like captions, images, journal or videos, it makes the system more convenience, more safety and more effective.  Besides, online digital signage support wired connection, Wi-Fi, 3G.

  4. Different frame.
  Standalone digital signage only can display one picture in full screen, at most display the time and the character.  Online digital signage can display multiple ads by split screen, it can display video, picture, caption, time, weather Forecast and logo.
Your must have know the different of standalone digital signage and online digital signage after reading above content.  Digital signage takes advantage no matter what kind of digital signage it is.  There is no best one, only the most appropriate, we should choose it basic on our needs and the wants.