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Why shopping malls choose vertical lcd advertising displays?

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-13
Large shopping malls, where people gather, but also outdoor advertising media companies are optimistic about the place. Audience-intensive, colleagues hidden tremendous business opportunities, the use of what kind of media plays a crucial impact, at present, the major businesses have used vertical lcd advertising display as a marketing medium, the reasons for the following:

1, vertical lcd advertising display machine modeling perfect fashion, you can fully embellishment shopping environment, especially multi-machine simultaneous playback more able to render a majestic momentum, in order to enhance the store's grade and grade.
2, now with a unique design of vertical lcd advertising display machine, not only to avoid nagging the original model, but also can reduce some of the wage payment costs.
3, vertical lcd advertising display timely updates content features, the audience, they need the product selling point, function, price, promotion, purchase points, service and other information can be promptly learned, in order to play the scene shopping guide, instant Promotional effect. Not only that, vertical lcd advertising display machine can also play video, animation, rolling subtitles, the advertising effect is more novel.
 4, select the vertical lcd advertising display machine, customers can get timely and useful information, product operators (advertisers) can brand promotion, promotional products, the operation of this advertising store management, but also get a huge financial and emotional return . It can be said that three parties benefit. Why not?
5, vertical lcd advertising display machine, for large shopping malls and chain stores is more favorable, because relying on shopping mall information dissemination system, through the center control point, you can achieve the whole city and even the chain of unified management, promotional activities unified release, publicity information Unified release and center monitoring and other functions, improve shopping malls management advocacy efforts.