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Winner Competition---Sales PK in KERCHAN, 2017

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-18
Time flies, 2017 has come to an end, as a company with a sense of competition, the end of the year naturally is the anxiety stage of PK . The end of the year not only to test the end of the months, but also the harvest of salesman. Now is the final sprint stage of 2017!
As a result, 7 sales teams were founded. business manager and business director are of  separate team. We face together to the PK Championship at the end of year. What different is ,the PK is not only for sales performance, but also for new customers, etc., which is very necessary for integrated evaluation.

Let’s see how the situation now it it! the Eastern Team is currently maintaining as the leader, followed by the Saudi and Maple Leaf team, which is respectively by the business director and business manager .Eastern Team is the original Eagle team executives and team members, they are mainly in small-size advertising sales. These two girls are currently the winner in the PK performance.
Other teams also performed very well. Though someone have no good sales figures yet, but the development of the customer is doing very well. Let us wait and see!
The final PK of a year is not only a test but also on the pursuit of personal values, wealth and honor. If win the championship among seven teams, not only money rewards, but also a big honor will be received. As the leader in the advertising industry, KERCHAN(android tablet supplier china) is completing the 2017 gorgeous ending and opening a new chapter in 2018!
What will the result be for this competition? We will keep update! Please pay close attention to KERCHAN’s official website: