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flexible and accurate advertising methods----by Open advertising machines

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2018-01-10
How to make the advertising more effective?
First of all, we need to know whether the content of the advertisement is accurately communicated to the consumers, whether the consumers get the information of the advertisements completely, or can contribute to potential or direct consumption.                                                                                                                     
To understand this, we must know what the target audience is, what kind of advertising content can attract them to buy, it is very important(video screen supplier china).    
 Open advertising machine in Kerchan is a kind of flexible way to express information.Firstly,the advertising machine adopts open design.On both sides of the design easy installation of the hanging vesa holes is easily installed in any place, for example, display rack and so on.At the same time,the advertising screen are equipped with motion sensor.which can automatically switch on or turn off by detecting whether someone is passing through, so as to achieve the dual functions of saving electricity and attracting users. We can flexibly install the open advertisement machine in the needed places and locations.At the same time, the advertising machine monitor is also a precise way of advertising, for example, for retail chain stores, different types of advertisements can be installed separately in different product areas.When consumers go to a region of the selection of goods,they can check merchandise information and disscount.This way is not only very convenient for consumers to get the information of goods, make better choices, but also leave a good brand impression for the chain stores. 
To provide quality products and services, but also for the customers of the enterprises and shops to bring better advertising effectiveness.Kerchan(LCD Advertising Screen wholesales) has a mature technology in the open advertising machine production and research and development, and its own production plant, production and inspection in full compliance with international standards