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happy work , enjoy life---Leads your way of KERCHAN

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-24
KERCHAN(android tablet supplier china) has always stressed that the entrepreneurial spirit is happy work, enjoy life. To reach this end, Simon, Managing Director of KERCHAN has spent a lot to create a comfortable and happy working environment, and strive in paying, benefits to fulfill everyone's life. Everyone is free to enjoy the company's welfare, including fitness, entertainment and many other activities.                    A good working environment is the most basic and most important business. What is the working environment of KERCHAN? . KERCHAN’s headquarters is located in Bao'an District of Shenzhen City, 7th Floor, Fussen Business Center F Building,Xixiang, when you take the elevator directly to the 7th floor, you will be arrived at our office. The first thing that catches your eyes is the customer's signature wall, which has been signed with customers from all over the world. also you can find the continuous  development of KERCHAN(open frame monitor manufacturer).     

 Keep moving you will see the front desk. There are waiting and rest room. The front desk is designed of irregular modules, very impressive. Then you can see the company's internal environment. On the wall of of main office, you can see the manager office on your right hand and sales dept on left hand.  
The most distinctive feature is corporate honors, activities and cultures can be seen. Employees with outstanding performance will be honored and photographed here. In the showroom you can find the collection of products. What’s more, photo wall is a record of everyone's daily happy life. Then you will find our boss’s  office on your right hand, R&D dept on left, meeting rooms on left also, as well as business certification of multiple products.  

Finally, is our dining and rest area. we can rest after the meal or do some health activities. KERCHAN (android tablet supplier )is a culturally rich, positive and enterprising family. We welcome more capable, ambitious people to join us, for their own personal values and contribution to the development of enterprises!