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kerchan working environment

  • Author:Kerchan
  • Release on:2017-08-30
Kerchan(LCD Advertising Screen wholesales) is a very creative work atmosphere and corporate culture, I believe many people are curious about Cole's work environment is what, then lead everyone into Kerchan work environment, to feel the Kerchan culture and atmosphere.

The first thing that catches the eye is the front desk created by Kerchan, the company logo and logo with a great design sense, and the front desk as well as a lively aquarium. Of course, every time a customer comes to visit, he will receive a warm welcome.

Then went to the office area, here is the main business of the sales team, you can see small flags and banners above, full of passion, but also inspiring, office area each table has a green, healthy environmental protection, provide fresh air to us.

To which is the cultural wall and product display(open frame monitor manufacturer) area, you can see a lot of pictures composed of love the wall, above the company's activities and a lot of family photos, product display area is the key to display the current main products, go there to share the experience of their family members, of course the most important place is the enterprise certificate you can see a whole wall is a certification, this shows that Kerchan is very trustworthy quality products.
Lastly, everyone's daily diet and rest area, there are all kinds of fitness equipment and tables and chairs, the purpose is to achieve the spirit of enterprise Kerchan created, happy work, happy life.