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the Difference Between KH Series and KD Series

  • Author:Katherine
  • Release on:2018-10-31
“Why are there so many models?”
"What is the difference between KH series and KD series?
Many of our customers have asked us this way. Our company has many products, which are divided according to the installation method. We have open and closed type. According to the operating system, we can divide it into Android version and stand-alone version. So today we will Let's discuss the difference between the "KH" series and the "KD" series.
"K "stands for open type, "H"stands for HD, and "D" stands for stand-alone card. In addition to the basic functions of the KH series, the HD series has added an Android operating system, so you can also install third-party software,or install Psoftware developed by our company--K-Smart APP.
The KH series is available in 6 sizes:SAD0705KH(7 inch), SAD1030KH(10.1 inch), SAD1160KH(11.6 inch), SAD1560KH(15.6 inch), SAD1850KH(18.5 inch), SAD2150KH(21.5 inch). The best sales are 15.6 inches(SAD1560KH).Support Motion sensor, push button, 178 degree full view angle, 1080P high definition, Support SD card and U disk transfer data.SAD1160KH Because the screen is smaller than the SAD1560KH and the resolution is the same, the 1160KH has become the highest clear product of all our products.
In KH, You can set up 5 folders. The first folder is the default folder for automatic looping. You can place all the videos you need to play in it. The second, third and fourth folders can be used to place a video and play it. After the folder is placed in the SD card or U disk, install the machine directly. At this time, the machine will automatically copy the SD card or the card inside the U disk to the storage itself. The default folder will be automatically Loop playback, until the other corresponding button is pressed, the video or picture in the folder corresponding to the button will be automatically played, and once played, it will return to the default folder for playback until the button is pressed again.There are a total of six buttons (the new machine already has 7 buttons), two of which are used to adjust the sound.The machine itself has its own sound, but if you feel that the sound playback is hindered after installing the machine, you can order our external audio.
When the machine is installed in a place that is not easy to touch, you can use our SD card extension cable.
If you need to change the playback video, you need to put the data into the SD card or USB flash drive. When the SD card or USB flash drive is inserted into the machine, the files played by the original machine will be deleted, and the new files on the SD card or USB flash drive will be automatically copied.
Because the KD series is an Android system, in addition to the original functions of KH, the mouse operation function is added on the basis of the original, and only the mouse can be inserted on the USB to operate. If the touch screen is customized, it can be directly Use your hands to play and set. And you can install your own third party software or our K-Smart APP.
These are the differences between KH and KD.